Twill Cloth

These values are averages and not intended as limit specifications.

・Tape Decitex(Denier) : 1,220dt(1,100D)
・Weave Density     : 16x16 per sq.inch
High density Polyethylene
・Lamination        : 50/50 Microns BL
Low density Polyethylene

Tensile Strength
Warp : 1,246 N/5cm
Weft  : 1,219 N/5cm
Warp : 22%
Weft  : 22%
Tear Strength
Warp : 328 N
Weft  : 309 N

Weight : approx. 254g/㎡
Thickness : approx. 0.44mm
Width : maximum 3.35m width
UV : Stabilized

Minimum quantity : more than 6,000m by 3.35m width
Color   : your favorite color
*We offer the color you are looking for. Please simply let us know what you would like.

Heat insulation covers, poultry curtain blinds, pig housing, etc…